1601 Timber Frame Conservation in Chester

Recclesia has been commissioned with the second phase of works to conserve and repair a 1601 timber frame building just outside Chester. The work will see extensive repair work undertaken to the frame, wattle and daub conservation, as well as the removal of brick infill panels and their replacement with natural eco-insulation panels finished in lime plaster and paints.

Recclesia completed phase one of the works to half of the building in 2016, and this latest phase addresses some quite severe issues to the rest of the building. There have been a number of previous repair phases to this Grade II listed building to quite a varied standard. Working with Donald Insall Associates architects in Chester, a scheme of repair has been scheduled to remove much of the previous repair efforts in order to put things right.

As well as repairs to the frame itself, the majority of the much later brick infill paneling is being removed and replaced with special insulation boards designed specifically for upgrading historic timber frame buildings like this one. However, there are also a good number of wattle and daub panels still in place, some of which are in remarkably good condition. All of these are being repaired and retained, the worst of which will see repairs by way of re-weaving willow into the body of the wattle panel and the reinstatement of the daub. The original daub has been analysed by Ty Mawr lime and a mix made up to work with the existing, as well as incorporated some of the failed original daub.

The work is being led by Recclesia’s Heritage Joinery Foreman Jamie Traynor, who was also responsible for overseeing the previous repair work, allowing for continuity of craftsmanship and approach.